We bring the benefits of vertical container gardening to everyone, with complete kits that are simple to use. These EzGro vertical garden kits let you grow like a pro, almost anywhere, with less time, space and money.



High Density Vertical Container Gardening System

The EzGro Vertical Garden is a simple and effective form of an HDVG gardening system. The EzGro Garden outdoor or indoor stacking planter system is much more efficient than traditional soil-based gardening; it consumes less water, nutrients, and space and takes considerably less time in maintenance. You will avoid weeding and virtually eliminate pests and more importantly your plants will grow healthier and faster and provide a greater yield than with a common soil garden.

The EzGro Garden is very easy to use, maintain and assemble. With our large 5 pot system you can grow up to 20 plants in a mere 15 square inches. Using our easy to follow instructions you will have your EzGro Vertical Garden assembled in about an hour. Our vertical growing system is soil-less; each kit comes with our special organic EzGro medium and our specialized EzGro nutrient solutions for feeding your garden.

You will achieve amazing results with any flower, herb or veggie plant you choose. On a regular basis water mixed with the EzGro nutrients, will be poured, or pumped into the diffuser cup of the EzGro tower. The nutrients trickle down through the pots, efficiently watering each pot and the excess is gathered for re-use in the bottom planter. Virtually no waste of water or nutrients and watering is done in one quick step!

Our Vertical Gardens are built-to-last, with the Quad Pots made of unbreakable, UV protected, stain resistant, nestable plastic, to last a lifetime.

What grows in an EzGro Garden?

Brussell Sprouts Peas
Spinach Head Lettuce
Bell Peppers Beans
Squash Cabbage
Leaf Lettuce Baby Carrots
Green Onions Radishes
Chili peppers Swiss Chard
Strawberries Oriental Greens
Tomatoes Cucumbers
Broccoli Cauliflower
Okra Melons
All Herbs All Flowers

We use recycled materials!

We extrude our structural material using reclaimed #2 HDPE (High Density Polyethylene). In simple terms, we make our Quad Pots from sources like garbage milk jugs. Every product we make contains post-industrial and/or post-consumer recycled material.

We Are Eco Friendly

Though "sustainability" is the new buzzword, it speaks volumes concerning our responsibility to being good stewards of our natural resources and the environment. EzGro Garden's commitment to sustainability is an on-going process as we seek to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our business and its products.

What is an EzGro Garden?

EzGro Garden produces vertical gardening kits that are simple to use and provide serious results. Our kits are unique because they include virtually everything you need. This eliminates guesswork and extra expense. EzGro gardens really work. They are much more efficient than traditional soil gardens.

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