Commercial Growing

Commercial Growing

If the EzGro Backyard Vertical Garden system is not large enough to produce what you need for your enterprise, then an EzGro Commercial Garden is for you. These systems start at 100 towers and range to as many towers as you require. Using a commercial vertical gardening system you will be able to produce 6 to 8 times as much per square foot as you could in a field garden, and 3 to 4 times as much as you would using a greenhouse bench system.

Our commercial systems are customized to meet the needs of your business. For example, a 1000 tower system can fit comfortably on ¼ acre, but if your garden will be open to the public for Pick- Your- Own events, we would expand it to ½ acre to allow for broader paths.

Common sizes for EzGro Commercial Garden systems are 100 towers, 500 towers, and 1000+ towers. The water usage for these systems is about 1 gallon per tower per day, and the nutrient-enhanced water is automatically pumped from the reservoirs, through the system, and back to the reserviors to eliminate waste. With large systems like these, it can get a bit labor-intensive to manually mix the nutrients into the water at specific intervals, so we offer the option of an automated nutrient mixer to lighten the load.

Depending on what you will be growing, each tower holds 2-7 Quad Pots, each of which holds 4 plants per pot. Larger plants like tomatoes are stacked 2 pots per tower to accommodate their leaf-space, while herbs can be stacked up to 7 pots per tower. We use a 5 pot per tower average to simplify the calculations. The size and shape of an individual garden is entirely flexible to your needs. The chart below shows the requirements and output for 100, 500, and 1000 tower systems.

of Towers
Min SqFt
of space
of plants
Water usage
per day
100 3000 2’000 100-200 gallons
500 5500 10,000 500-800 gallons
1000 11,000 20,000 1000-1500 gallons

Note- Keep in mind that the number of plants required is only an average- depending on what plants you choose, the individual towers will hold from 2-7 Quad Pots, which hold 4 plants per pot, so these numbers are based on an average of 5 pots per tower.

What You Can Grow

The EzGro System was originally designed to grow strawberries, so naturally, they thrive in it. But so many other plants grow happily and produce heartily in it that it’s hard to list them all. Among the top producers are:

All flowers, all herbs, tomatoes, beans, peppers, eggplant, chard, beets, baby carrots, okra, kale, lettuces, spinach, melons, peas, cucumbers, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, and brussels sprouts

Plants to avoid are those with large root systems and plants that like to sprawl, unless you provide trellises for them to spread.

How It Works

The EzGro Commercial Garden system is designed to maximize your growing potential by combining the space-efficiency of vertical gardening with the technology of a customized hydroponic system. In any of the EzGro Garden systems, the towers are constructed of sturdy PVC, which our stacking Quad Pots are threaded onto. The towers are connected at the top and bottom to form a stable grid. Black poly drip-line is strung at the top of the system to provide the nutrient-enhanced water to the top Quad Pots in the system at timed intervals, so the plants receive just as much as they need. The solution then drips down through the lower Quad Pots, and any unused solution is then collected back into the reservoir for re-use, completely avoiding waste. However, when growing strawberries we recommend using a drain-to waste system, as they are finicky in their growing habits. Check out the strawberries category on our main page for more information.


Our EzGro Commercial Garden Systems are designed to customer specifications, so costs will vary individually, but a base guide would put the cost at approximately-

100 tower system ~ $80 per tower

500 tower system ~ $65-$70 per tower

1000+ tower system ~ $50 per tower

If you are interested in the EzGro Commercial Garden System or have any questions, please contact us.

Miami Science Museum

The Museum is making preparations to grow and harvest edible crops on the property again. Two different types of hydroponic systems will be explored at the Museum, one using a series of planters in the Wildlife Center (supported by the Bachelor Foundation)

Whole Foods

BrightFarm Systems was commissioned to design and install a demonstration scale, sustainable urban greenhouse for a new Whole Foods Market store in Millburn, New Jersey.
Sustainable Agriculture and Wise Environmental Practices are two core values of Whole Foods Market. They are also significant supporters of local farmers in the Northeast region and beyond.

Uncertin Farms

Uncertain Farms is a family run farm in Seguin Texas that started in 1989. They have 17 acres with 7 greenhouses.

Vera Street Farms

Vera street Farms has a 1/2 acre U-Pick Vertical Strawberry Garden, with 1000 towers and 20,000 strawberry plants. Vera Street Farms is located in China, Texas just off Broadway Street .

Jimmies Greenhouses

They grow in multiple greenhouses, one dedicated to tomatoes. This system has 1500 Quad pots mostly growing in greenhouses year around.

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