Growing Strawberries with the EzGro System

In the late 90’s, a vertical plant growing system was developed by EzGro. The new vertical system for growing vegetables, flowers, herbs and strawberries was a big improvement over previous vertical systems. This method of growing will surely offset the ever increasing cost of labor, energy and capital equipment in the future. The system can […]


Caring For Your Strawberry Plants on Arrival

When You Receive Your Shipment: Bare root plant material needs to be handled efficiently in order to promote the best health and survival rate. Pay close attention to keeping stock cool, roots moist and protected from direct sunlight, until planted, to ensure best results. Before Planting: Keep roots moist, cool and in the dark. Roots […]


The Strawberry Plant

Strawberry growth will start from the crown. Strawberry crowns are perennial (live year after year) but their roots are annual. Each year the strawberry plant sends out new roots from the crown. This means that after a few years the roots get higher and higher up on the crown. This is why older plants need […]