Midsummer Night Meadows 2014

2014 finds Midsummer Night Meadows prolific once again-it’s nearly impossible to see the actual towers and pots beneath the sprawling vines and foliage of the vegetables. The tomatoes are ripening by the dozen each day and  a variety of sweet bell peppers accent the garden with their varied bright colors. Herbs abound- one can smell the pungent freshness of the spearmint, peppermint and chocolate mint from 10 feet away!

Midsummer Night Meadows 2013

Our 2013 growing season. Summer in Central Texas is once again in full swing, and it is flaunting its lush growth potential beautifully on Larry and Brenda's rural property in their EzGro Backyard Garden, Midsummer Night Meadows.

Uncertin Farms
Whole Foods

The demonstration scale greenhouse system was designed to allow for on site production of high quality, fresh herbs for use in Whole Foods prepared food services as well as for general sale.

Aztec chinampas

Beautifully made by the team at Te Mahi, the diorama shows just how lush, colorful, and dynamic the chinampas were.

Sage Mind Homestead
Vera Street Farms
Robert Mainville

A twelve stack system using 40 quad pots and 6 five gallon buckets. An odd number perhaps but it seems to fit the 15’ x 15’ deck I put them on.

Jimmie’s Greenhouses


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