EzGro Commercial Greenhouse

At EzGro Garden, we are always expanding our efforts to get the Vertical Gardens off the power grid. Now we’re partnered with Ceres Greenhouse Solutions to continue doing just that with our new EzGro Commercial Greenhouse.

The roof of the EzGro Commercial Greenhouse is specifically designed to handle a EzGro Tri-Helix Solar Windmill in order to eliminate the need for electrical power and take advantage of both solar and wind power. In addition, the greenhouse’s unique design will allow growers to connect multiple greenhouses together in order to further increase production.

High-Yield Commercial Greenhouse Kit

The EzGro Commercial Greenhouse is engineered to help grow the most productive crops possible. Its 2” x 4” galvanized steel frame is cut to size for your custom greenhouse. This makes the building process much faster and simpler. While some construction knowledge is helpful, this is one of the easiest-to-install greenhouses on the market today. Insulated metal panels on the north side are excellent for reducing the energy needed for heating the structure. The triple-wall polycarbonate roof and walls are durable enough to withstand harsh climates and extreme winter weather.

Custom Built for Your Climate

Growers select crop varieties that do well in their particular climate, so its only natural that their greenhouse be adapted for local conditions as well. EzGro and Ceres work with an entire team of engineers to ensure that you’ll get the best greenhouse for your climate. By optimizing air circulation, reducing humidity, and ensuring stable temperatures, these custom greenhouses reduce the occurrences of pests, disease, and environmental stressors that would otherwise impact crop yield. EzGro Greenhouses are able to increase yield, and in turn profits, for the grower.

The wall panels of the north side of the greenhouse are made from insulated metal with an R-value of 20, providing superior insulation in harsh climates. Growers in cold climates have the option to add this insulation to the east- and west- facing walls as well. The south-facing wall is glass in order to best utilize natural sunlight. Additionally, the roof slope on the southern side of the building is very long in order to maximize sun exposure. The short side of the roof is where the EzGro Tri-Helix Solar Windmill will be placed.

These greenhouses are 30 feet wide and come in lengths of 40, 60, 90 and 120 feet. The base price is $40,000, and there are various options that can be added to them. Upgrades to the base greenhouse include the EzGro Tri-Helix Solar Windmill and the Ground to Air Heat Transfer (GAHT) system for heating and cooling.

Energy Efficient GAHT Heating and Cooling System

Ground to Air Heat Transfer, or GAHT, systems are closed-loop systems for heating and cooling that utilize both the sun’s energy as well as the soil beneath the greenhouse. This is an extremely sustainable method of heating and cooling a space. This simple design operates a series of fans and pipes to store the sun’s warmth in the soil beneath the greenhouse. During the day and in summer months, excess heat is blown down into the soil. This process cools the greenhouse while warming the soil. At night or in the winter, fans blow the hot air from the soil back up into the greenhouse. It works best in the greenhouse application because of the unique ability for the transparent walls to allow plenty of the sun’s energy to enter the space.

The GAHT system has the unique ability to reduce humidity in the greenhouse, which decreases the occurrence of pests and disease in crops. Humidity levels rise during the day when the greenhouse heats up. The cool air from underground is drawn up into the greenhouse, and causes the humidity to condense into dew. This process further helps to cool down the space. In turn, the process decreases humidity because the water that was trapped in the air condenses and turns into dewdrops.

Air circulation is important for crop health as well. When air is moving, there are fewer pests and less disease, which makes for healthier crops. The fans in the GAHT system ensure that there is always air being circulated through the greenhouse from the soil or from the air outside of the greenhouse. The fans in this system, by the way, require MUCH less energy to operate than a traditional HVAC system, making the GAHT system the most sustainable solution for climate control in greenhouses on the market today.

This method has been used in different time periods all over the world. One similar method is called “Climate Batteries”. “Earth Tubes” are similar, but they do not use a closed-loop system like the GAHT. Earth Tubes are a one-way heat transfer system.
If you’re interested in getting more information on your own custom designed, energy efficient greenhouse, don’t hesitate to call us today! We’ll connect you with engineers so you can have confidence in knowing that you’ll have the absolute healthiest plants in the most sustainable greenhouse.