The EZ GRO Patio Garden is a self-contained, fully automated, self-watering high density vertical hydroponic growing system enabling home gardeners to grow fresh, nutritious, healthy produce of there choice, with ease.

The EZ GRO Patio Garden is easy to assemble, and simple to run. In fact, once assembled, it runs itself. No more worries about watering your plants while you’re away the Patio Garden takes care of it.

    Brussell Sprouts


    All Herbs


    Head Lettuce

    All Flowers

    Bell Peppers






    Leaf Lettuce

    Baby Carrots


    Green Onions



    Chili peppers

    Swiss Chard



    Oriental Greens


Sustainable & Eco-friendly

The EZ GRO Patio Garden is a sustainable, eco-friendly soil-less Vertical Garden system that sets up fast, less than an hour and gets you growing in no time.  The attractive stacking pots allow you to grow 20 plants indoors or out- all you need is sunshine, water for the reservoir, and an electrical outlet.


The kit is all-inclusive and once it’s in place it runs itself- all you have to do is refill the reservoir with water mixed with the enclosed nutrient solution, and the automatic timer and pump will water your plants for you.

1 sqft = 20 plant locations

The system itself takes up only 1 ½ square feet of floor or patio space, which allows you to grow in practically any corner you have available. And because of the vertical design, you can grow 6 to 8 times as much produce as you would be able to in the same area of garden space!

The EZ GRO Patio Garden can be your own living sculpture…

beautiful and elegant.

The EZ GRO Patio Garden is a self-contained, self-watering, high density vertical growing system,for growing healthy produce at home or even at the office.

Our Patio Garden is suitable for all gardeners and aspiring growers who may have limited space as well as those seeking the convenience of a fully automated,self-running and reliable growing system.

Some Items Included in your Patio Garden


EZ GRO Aqua pumps are built to last with premium components, BPA free, and engineered specifically for hydroponic systems, fresh water aquariums, and ponds.


Makes approximately 100 gallons of EzGro  Formula “food” for the plants. To get an idea how long this will last, we know the average EzGro Patio Garden will use 5 gallons of food in 2 weeks.


This is our GroCoir and Perlite mix for Quad Pots and for recharging your growing system. It is a bag of the perlite and a brick of GroCoir.


This grounded  7-Day Dual-Outlet Plug-In Heavy-Duty Timer automates outdoor devices like pool pumps and lighting used for security, landscaping or holiday decorations.

EzGro Patio Garden
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The EzGro Patio Garden vertical container system is a 4′ tall garden designed for maximum growth results with minimal effort. Pretty much anything that you’d plant in a regular vegetable garden will thrive in the EzGro Patio Garden- tomatoes, beans, eggplant, peppers, strawberries, and any herb you can think of, plus greens galore, all flowers.... STARTING FROM Regular Price $369.95 Product Info Add to Cart
Indoor Patio Garden Bundle
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This is our Patio Garden Indoor Bundle with two LED 4' grow lights and a timer. Get the patio garden and everything you need to light your patio garden indoors. STARTING FROM Regular Price $499.00 Product Info Add to Cart

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