EzGro Tri-Helix Solar Windmill

Believe it or not, there is some inefficiency in the renewable energy industry. For instance, what happens on a windmill farm when there is no wind? What if there are several dreary days and the only energy system a place has are solar panels? A Midwestern company sought to change all of that, and spent years doing research to come up with the best possible solution. EzGro Garden is excited to form a partnership with a leader in the renewable energy industry.

The technology incorporates BOTH solar and wind energy into a hybrid technology known as a Solar Windmill. This innovative product consists of solar panels mounted atop three rotating wind turbines. Together, the three turbines are known as the “Tri-Helix;” they resemble twisting DNA strands. This technology allows for the integration of solar and wind energy into a much more efficient sustainable energy system. The compact, low profile design means that the Solar Windmill has the most dense energy-generation capability of any renewable energy product on the market. The Tri-Helix wind turbines are also silent, which means they are completely safe for wildlife, and don’t disturb the neighbors!

The system has been designed to last 20 years, so there’s no need to worry about needing to replace it any time soon. The product houses a solar charge controller as well as “Maximum Power Point Tracking electronics,” which both work to maximize the power generation capability of the solar panels and the wind turbines together.

The hybrid between solar and wind energy is the missing link in clean energy; because wind-only and solar-only systems are only able to work when that resource is available. By combining both into one hybrid system, we are able to produce a more consistent renewable energy solution. So now, we will not only be able to harness the suns energy during the day, we will be able to harness wind energy at night, when solar power is not available.

The Tri-Helix wind turbines are able to improve on the current limitations for harvesting wind power. Most wind turbines begin turning in wind speed of five miles per hour, and will not start generating power until wind speed reaches 15 miles per hour. The Tri-Helix works with just a fraction of this amount of wind. The Tri-Helix turbines start turning in winds of just two miles per hour and will generate power when wind speed reaches four miles per hour. This is a huge difference in the amount of wind energy available for harvest, making this the ideal choice for renewable energy based on the wind requirements alone.

In many parts of the world, there is often not enough of one resource to justify the expense of either a wind-only or solar-only energy system. This system is perfect for any location because it can utilize either solar or wind energy, or both, depending on the environmental conditions of the day. The extremely low wind requirements make this even more appealing in areas that don’t often experience 15 mile per hour winds.

The system has been tested and proven successful all over the world, in many different climates. It has been used in frigid Scandinavia, as well as tropical Caribbean Islands where salt spray is often an issue. It has also been proven successful in the hot, sandy desert of the Middle East. One of many notable examples of the technology’s success is in India, where it has helped businesses comply with mandatory reductions in carbon emissions.

EzGro has come up with several different models of the Tri-Helix Solar Windmill, and each is able to generate a different amount of energy spicily for our hydroponic gardens. The difference in the models is based on the amount of wind turbines and solar panels it has. The TH1-2 has one Tri-Helix wind turbine and 2 solar panels. The TH1-2 will generate more than enough energy to power an EzGro Garden system of 100 towers or less. This would allow our Backyard Garden to grow 3,200 plants without using any electricity from the power grid! Imagine being able to grow that many plants with very minimal effort: no manual watering or fertilizing required! The TH2-6, which has two Tri-Helix turbines and 6 solar panels, will be used for gardens with between 500 and 1000 towers, which will be able to grow between 10,000 and 28,000 plants. We even have systems to handle our fully lighted greenhouses.

This is truly a revolution in food production. Combining EzGro’s proven vertical hydroponic technology with the renewable energy system of the Tri-Helix Solar Windmill will empower growers all over the world to get off of the energy grid. We’ll be able to grow large quantities of food without having to rely on traditional energy methods. This will also give growers the freedom to build greenhouses and set up systems in places where electricity is unavailable.