EzGro Quad Pots: The Ultimate Stackable Garden

Stackable pots are the best way to maximize vertical growing space. One square foot of a traditional garden plot can support just one or two plants, but stacking pots on top of one other allows twenty or more plants to be grown in the same space! There are many different ways to set up a vertical garden, and many different pots to choose from. This article explains how the EzGro Quad Pot was engineered to optimize vertical growing space and production.

Quad Pots are designed to stack on top of each other; the corner of one pot fits snugly into a groove in the center of the side of the pot beneath it. The sides of the pot are angled in such a way to allow for a secure fit. This is a dual-purpose feature that provides two important benefits for growing. First, the planting sites are staggered when pots are stacked this way, giving plants a full 16 inches of grow space. This means the greatest plant density can be achieved without crowding plants. Taller plants can be grown to their full size without crowding. This is one of several reasons why all different kinds of plants- from lettuces and leafy greens to tomatoes- can be grown in these stackable pots. Secondly, maximum airflow, which reduces the frequency of pests and fungal infections, is achieved by keeping plants separated in this manner. Plants actually grow healthier because of the staggered stacking design.

Quad Pots were even engineered to protect plant’s gentle stems by reducing the occurrence of pressure points that cause stem breakage. The pot has a rounded lip along the entire top edge, which is designed to be gentle on your plant’s stems and leaves. The rounded edge gently supports a plant when it hangs over the lip. Most pots have a harsh rectangular corner at the top, and plants tend to break when they hang over these edges. A broken stem is a point of entry for harmful bacteria, so the rounded edge on the Quad Pot is another defense against disease.

pot-summer-winterThe Quad Pot was planned to create optimal growing conditions in all seasons, which is a unique feature that can only be attributed to this pot. In summer when the sun is high in the sky, the large lip and the angled sides of the pot work like the eve of a house and cast shadows over the sides of the pot so the plants root system stays cooler. When the sun is lower in the sky in winter, the sun’s rays reflect off the side of the pot and warms the plant root system. This very intentional design works with nature to produce the best possible outdoor growing conditions all year round. Plants are cooled by the shadow in summer and warmed by the reflection in winter.

Another feature designed into the Quad Pot is its rounded corners. When looking at the pot from the top down, notice the corners have been replaced with circular “pockets”. This makes more room for each plant to grow. If the pot was square, the corners would not be big enough to support larger plants such as tomatoes or peppers. This design makes EZ GRO’s hydroponic garden systems the best stackable gardens that can grow fruiting crops. Engineers who designed the pot did research to determine the correct amount of growing media needed for optimal hydroponic root growth of all kinds of plants. The size of the pot was decided after this research was complete. Each quad pot holds half a cubic foot of growing media, which makes the pot large enough to not interfere with plant growth and not so large that you are wasting space. This is the ideal amount of media that plants need to grow healthy roots.

The final component to creating the best possible design for a stackable garden pot is the environmental friendliness of the pot. This is a very durable, heavy pot for its size at just over 1/8” thick. It is designed to handle heavy loads, as it weighs 1.2 pounds when it is empty. Plants can grow through the bottom or split other flimsy pots, destroying the pot, but this will never happen with a durable Quad Pot. EzGro Garden’s Quad Pots are made from High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE) #2 plastic, which is a 100% recyclable plastic. One of the best features of this pot is that the plastic will last over 50 years, so they never need to be replaced. This is a one time purchase that will last for years to come. Quad Pots are very easy to clean and sterilize for re-use. They can be scrubbed, bleached, or pressure-washed, the pot’s smooth surface holds up very well to all kinds of cleaning methods.

When choosing a stackable pot for your vertical hydroponic garden, look no further than the EZ GRO Quad Pot. The pot’s design has been proven over and over again, in growing systems all over the world.