Sage Mind Homestead in Texas

Sage Mind Homestead in Texas

To say the gardens at Sage Mind Homestead are impressive would be an understatement. This garden is just 30’ by 60’, a total of 1800 square feet, and grows 1200 plants! Herbs grown include parsley and mint. Vegetables and leafy greens such as chard, arugula, and squash are grown in the garden as well. Take note of the two irrigation tubes running along the top of the towers. One delivers nutrient rich solution to each tower, which irrigates plant roots and is returned to a holding tank for re-use. The other has misting heads installed in the tube to mist foliage on hot days in the Texas heat.

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  1. Avatar

    Did you do this yourself, or did you have plans drawn up or a commercial developer? Working on a college project, but considering doing this type of commercial for the communtiy and would love to know where to start, yours make it look easy, but know that it is not. Would love input for my project as well. Please contact me! This could make a great community project, and we could educate the surrounding schools.

  2. Larry Johnson

    The garden is designed and built by EzGro using volunteers from Sage Mind for the construction.

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    Wow well designed garden :)


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