Backyard EzGro Garden by Bob from SC

Backyard EzGro Garden by Bob from SC

The system was easy to assemble –  We did lay out landscape fabric, drove the conduit in the ground (Both pieces) and then covered the ground with mulch.  To cut the PVC pipe we used a chop saw with a fine tooth blade to ensure that the cuts were straight.  A couple of cable ties to help hold the drip tubes to the poles and a little tape to help keep the top “T” in place was all that was needed to finish the system.  Before adding any growing medium we did run the pump to ensure that all the plumbing was sloped correctly.  Once all of that was complete we added the soil, now we are waiting on the seeds to get big enough to transplant –  more pictures to follow…

Midsummer Night Meadows, Backyard Garden

Summer in Central Texas is once again in full swing, and it is flaunting its lush growth potential beautifully on Larry and Brenda Johnson's rural property in their EzGro Backyard Garden, Midsummer Night Meadows. Larry Johnson, the founder and developer of the EzGro High Density Vertical Gardening System, constructed this READ MORE Backyard Gardens Related Article

Sage Mind Homestead in Texas

To say the gardens at Sage Mind Homestead are impressive would be an understatement. This garden is just 30’ by 60’, a total of 1800 square feet, and grows 1200 plants! Herbs grown include parsley and mint. Vegetables and leafy greens such as chard, arugula, and squash are grown in READ MORE Backyard Gardens Related Article

EzGro Garden by Robert Mainville from NC

I have a twelve stack system using 40 quad pots and 6 five gallon buckets. An odd number perhaps but it seems to fit the 15’ x 15’ deck I put them on. We did not use the deck much so for me it was the perfect place to put READ MORE Backyard Gardens Related Article

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