We are the original

The Quad Pot was created 1997, so we have been around for 25+ years and are pioneers in vertical growing. Our systems are utilized all over the world to grow healthy produce. EzGro is a trusted name for quality and performance.

What is an EzGro Garden?

We produce vertical gardening kits that are simple to use and provide serious results. Our kits are unique because they include virtually everything you need. This eliminates guesswork and extra expense. They are much more efficient than traditional soil gardens.

We Are Eco Friendly

Sustainability speaks volumes concerning our responsibility to being good stewards of our natural resources. Our commitment to sustainability is an on-going process as we continue to incorporate environmentally friendly practices into our business.

We use recycled materials!

We extrude our structural material using reclaimed High Density Polyethylene. In simple terms, we make our Quad Pots from sources like discarded milk jugs & water bottles. Every product we make contains recycled material.

our selection of

Backyard Gardens

The EzGro Backyard Vertical Garden system is the ideal choice for anyone who wants to grow more produce easier  then a soil garden would yield. Regardless of the backyard garden size you choose, you will be able to produce 6 to 8 times as much per square foot as you could in a dirt garden.


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