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Hydroponics basically means working water, “hydro” means “water” and “ponics” means “labor”.

Believe it or not, Hydroponics has been around for thousands of years. The ancient Romans used it, and even the Babylonians used it in their ‘Hanging Gardens of Babylon‘. Additionally, ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics, dated several hundred years B.C. describe how they had grown plants in water.

Throughout the last century, scientists and horticulturists spent years of research determining which elements and their combination affect plant growth, inadvertently, they discovered the first hydroponics formulas. This allowed for greater control over plant nutrition and therefore increased production.

Hydroponics growing has been used vastly, from food production for World War II soldiers in the Pacific, to current research by NASA (National Aeronautical Space Agency).

The physiological requirements of plants can be met without the use of soil or natural sunlight. Plants are rooted (and thus supported) in an inert medium and nutrition is provided by water soluble mineral elements.
Because all of the plants needs are met in an ideal environment, plants grow larger, healthier, and produce better tasting vegetables. It is an ideal environment because the grower is able to control most variables, from plant food, to how much water they receive.

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