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    Larry Johnson

    This step is important to see how the system runs before plants are installed.

    1. Fill reservoir with 2 gallons tap water.
    2. Add 1 TBSP bleach to the water to disinfect the entire system.
    3. Place the pump in the center of the reservoir.
    4. Remove one cap from the base lid to reveal a hole in the lid. Thread the pump’s cord up through this hole. Replace the cap, if desired.
    5. Place lid on the reservoir.
    6. Take the 2 pieces of pipe and couple them together.
    7. Using the appropriate threaded fitting (included), attach the pipe to the pump.
    8. Place one Quad Pot over the pipe and let it rest on the reservoir base.
    9. Add the second quad pot, turning it a quarter turn so it rests on top of the lower pot .
    10. Repeat until all pots are on the tower.
    11. Place the diffuser cup bubblier assembly on the pipe.  This directs the nutrient solution from the pump down into the diffuser cup.  Make sure the cap is fully open by turning it counter-clockwise.
    12. Plug in the pump to make sure the system runs correctly.
    13. Run the system for 15 minutes, unplug the pump, and empty completely.

    Can you provide pictures for assembling? I believe I’m missing parts – but, I’m not sure what the parts are supposed to look like. I’ve had this for 2 weeks – and not able to use it. It would be very helpful as I found the directions are very poor. This isn’t very complicated if you know what things look like. What is “remove one cap from the base” – what is the base? is that the square metal box with holes cut into it? What is a diffuser? If I have these questions, then others do as well. This could all be simply addressed if there were photos to accompany the instructions showing how things fit together. It is very frustrating, and disappointing – and, something one would expect for the price paid.

    Hervey Carraway

    Seconding this problem. None of the included fittings with my water pump seem to fit the PVC included, unless I’m just completely installing this incorrectly. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.


    The base is the squarish thing. It has a metal lid. The metal lid has two holes in it about 1″ in diameter, and the big hole for the lowest pot to sit in. There are caps which go into those holes, reducing them to smaller holes. The caps open up so that you can thread the pump plug through them then close them again and reduce the airflow/bugs/gerbils whatever.

    There is a diffuser that goes at the top end of the PVC.
    The threaded male PVC fitting at the top takes a plastic washer, then a bowl with holes in it, then you put the mushroom bubbler on the threads to hold everything in place. The mushroom bubbler makes sure that the water doesn’t all go to one side if your tower isn’t perfectly level (I think).

    Brian Murphy

    I have assembled my new Patio Garden and it seems a little wobbly. Is there much chance a strong wind will blow it over? Should I strap it down?



    The box arrive today, but like others have mentioned the instructions for putting it all together are a little unclear for me. Having pictures or a short video of one being assembled would go a long way to helping me with this. It seems I might have missing parts, but I can’t tell because there are no pictures for me to compare with the list.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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