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    Larry JohnsonLarry Johnson

    The 3 parts need to be mixed into water to create 3 separate liquid concentrates.  Do not skip this step!

    1. Use 3 each one gallon jugs of filtered, de-chlorinated water, 1 for each part: A, B, & C.
    2. Label each jug clearly with “NUTRIENT SOLUTION PART A DO NOT DRINK “ [B & C, respectively]
    3. Pour water from Jug A into a tall glass, set aside.  *Note: This step is important so the jug does not overflow!
    4. Pour the entire contents of the powdered Part A into Jug A. A funnel will be helpful here.
      *Do not add powder to an empty jug then fill because it will never dissolve completely in the water (it will fall out of solution and become unavailable to your plants).
    5. Replace the cap securely and shake vigorously for 1 minute.
    6. Add back as much water as you can from the glass you set aside earlier. Do not overfill!
    7. Repeat for the next two powdered parts, B and C.

    *Note: Instructions are also located on Nutrient Jar A.

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