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Sue Darby

I started mine today in seed trays on the kitchen table. There’s several feet of snow still so I’m hoping my tower outpaces break up in Southcentral Alaska! I used plain potting soil and the fill it yourself trays that have the clear lid. Mine are 72 spot trays was only $10 locally up here. I have 3 different sets of peppers, 3 types of tomatoes (you’d be surprised at how well tomatoes like outdoors in the summer in Alaska – up to two years life and how late they produce if you bring them indoors – November!), lettuce, carrots, celery and radishes. Once the system gets here then I’ll plant the other herbs with the catnip & cat grass going into special pots for the cat.

In a couple weeks when I have seedlings I’ll likely share with a friend for her garden and plant the remainder in the tower.