Vera Street Farms in Texas

Vera Street Farms in Texas

Vera Street Farms is situated in China, Texas and is a very productive, welcoming farm. They got started with EzGro towers in 2013. The farm specializes in growing strawberries and satsumas, and they grow plenty of each!
Vera Street Farms uses 5,000 EzGro pots to grow 20,000 strawberry plants per season. Their market is mostly local, so if you live in the southeast Texas area, you are in luck! The climate there is great for growing strawberries, as they rarely ever get a frost. If you are close by, be sure to gather the family together to visit the farm and to pick some juicy, ripe strawberries. Their you-pick strawberry farm attracts many visitors on weekends from Friday to Sunday, most weeks throughout the year. Each family typically takes home between five and ten pounds of strawberries. Visitors may even get a chance to taste a few strawberries while walking through the farm. Strawberries picked fresh really cannot be beat, it is no wonder why each family goes home with so many!
Vera Street Farms was started by Mr. Stanley Price after he retired. Mr. Price gets his bare root strawberry plants from Redwood, California, and has had a lot of success with them. He plants them in the EzGro pots in November of each year, and the plants start producing fruit by January. All of the farm’s strawberry plants rely on natural sunlight for growth; he does not keep them in a greenhouse or use artificial lights. The folks at Vera Street Farms try to make the you-pick experience as enjoyable as possible for their visitors. They have a polypropylene ground cover between the rows of EzGro towers for visitors to walk on so that their shoes do not get muddy. The facility is also handicap accessible so the entire family can spend a leisurely day on the farm picking strawberries. It is their hope that visitors will keep coming back after they taste their first juicy, fresh strawberry from the farm.
Mr. Price chose EzGro towers for their ease of use and practicality. The vertical design allows visitors to pick strawberries while standing; no kneeling is required. Kids can reach up and pick berries from the pots very easily as well. Stanley says the EzGro quad pots just made sense when comparing them. He likes that the EzGro pots are made from food-grade plastic and are reusable. There is a lot of mildew in southeast Texas, and quad pots can easily be dipped in bleach to be sterilized, which cannot be done with the polystyrene pots. EzGro pots are sturdy enough to be steam cleaned as well- the others will just falls apart.
A large portion of their land is dedicated to growing satsumas, a type of sweet, juicy, mandarin orange. This type of orange is easy to peel; you may be familiar with some of their more familiar names, which include “Cuties” and “clementines”. The farm has five hundred productive satsuma trees already, and they are hoping to plant between four- and five-hundred more this year. Vera Street Farm’s location in southeast Texas provides the ideal climate for growing this tasty fruit. Just one satsuma tree is capable of producing up to four hundred pounds of fruit in a single season!
Mr. Price says that having a farm is very rewarding. He says there is a big learning curve during the first year, but he has put in a lot of hard work and it has really been worth it. Having a farm is a humbling experience; if you think you know something in the first year, you may turn out to be way off. He has been patient and is truly seeing the fruits of his labor. Be sure to stop by the farm if you are in the area, you will certainly enjoy the delicious, fresh fruit Vera Street Farms has to offer!

If you would like to pay a visit to the farm you can get more info or call them. Here is there Facebook

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