The EzGro Deck Garden is a brand new system recently designed to be lighter duty than the Rooftop Garden making it a more affordable solution. It may also be placed atop any flat surface, such as a deck, a rooftop, or even soil!

What You Will Need

It is of utmost importance to begin with a smooth, level surface. If your surface is not level, take care to prepare it by adding sand and using a level. This is the most important and involved step when setting up your deck garden. The area you choose should also receive plenty of sunlight, at least four or five hours per day. Take some time to make your decision, and observe the space at several different times throughout the day. This will ensure you select the very best location for your garden. Just like our other gardens, you will need a nearby source of water. An electrical outlet is necessary if you do not choose the solar panel option. If placing the garden on a deck or rooftop, it is important to consider the weight. When full, the 50-gallon nutrient reservoir will weigh about 350 pounds, and each tower will weigh approximately 50 pounds wet.

What You Can Grow

These pots were designed for almost anything you could think of to grow. Many different types of herbs including, but certainly not limited to, basil, parsley, cilantro, rosemary, thyme and oregano can be successfully grown in this system. A variety of leafy greens such as lettuces, Swiss chard, kale and spinach thrive in these pots. Flowering plants such as tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplant, sweet and hot peppers, nasturtium and marigolds may be grown as well. The possibilities are endless!

How it Works

The EzGro Deck Garden is specifically designed for the gardener who wants to grow food on top of a flat surface such as a deck, a parking lot, or any area you can’t penetrate into the ground. The design of this system is unique and the footprint of the base system with 5 towers is 3’ wide by 7’ long. Our most popular system has 10 towers and is 3’ wide by 15’ long. The systems come with everything you’ll need, including grow-media and enough nutrients for about one year of continuous growing. You’ll just need to provide the seeds and water. The quad pots stack on top of each other to take advantage of vertical space; the tower systems can accommodate from 200 to 600 plants, depending on the plants and system you choose. The nutrient tank houses a submersible pump that delivers nutrient solution to each tower. The plumbing runs from the frame at ground level, up through the center of each tower. Once at the top, the nutrient rich water passes over the root system of each plant. Roots take up the nutrients they need, and the remainder of the solution returns back to the reservoir where it will be recirculated. The system is composed of towers, each on a pedestal that is supported by a sturdy wooden frame. The kits include everything necessary to get started: your choice of white or terracotta quad pots, a 50-gallon nutrient tank, the wooden frame, stained in a color of your choice or raw, to support the towers, all the plumbing parts needed, and durable pruners for harvest. There are several options and upgrades available so that the system can be customized for your site and your needs.