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Uncertain Farms in Seguin, Texas is a family run farm that was started in 1989. They have 17 acres with seven prolific greenhouses, each with 3 rows of 8 EzGro trees. The vertical nature of the towers allows them to grow roughly 576 plants per greenhouse! They grow an assortment of lettuces including red and green leaf lettuce, green bibb, and other unique varieties. Their cauliflower plants are impressive in size and very productive. This is one of many examples of the successful EzGro trees.

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  • Vera Street Farms is situated in China, Texas and is a very productive, welcoming farm. They got started with EzGro towers in 2013. The farm specializes in growing strawberries and satsumas, and they grow plenty of each! Vera Street Farms uses 5,000 EzGro pots to grow 20,000 strawberry plants per season. Their market is mostly local, so if you live…
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