We bring the benefits of vertical container gardening to everyone, with complete kits that are simple to use. These EzGro vertical garden kits let you grow like a pro, almost anywhere, with less time, space and money.



I have a twelve stack system using 40 quad pots and 6 five gallon buckets. An odd number perhaps but it seems to fit the 15’ x 15’ deck I put them on. We did not use (more...)

The system was easy to assemble –  We did lay out landscape fabric, drove the conduit in the ground (Both pieces) and then covered the ground with mulch.  To cut (more...)

Craig Bixby from Baltimore, MD

March 4, 2012 @ 1:01 pm
posted by EzGro Gardener

I bought this system 2 years ago after seeing very comparable systems at Disney as they grow most of their vegetables right on site in Hydroponics. This was by far the (more...)

S. S. from Tucson, AZ

January 27, 2012 @ 1:43 pm
posted by EzGro Gardener

After finding your EzGro systems, I am surrendering my attempts at adaptation and going with EzGro. No more pumps, no more frustrating attempts to figure out the right (more...)

I am still extolling your virtues on the garden forums. I hope I am sending you lots of business. I have tried four different types of stacked container systems and yours (more...)

I’m in receipt of your EzGro System, and it does look very much the part to get the job accomplished. The system appears to be an excellent adaptation of your Quad-Pot. (more...)

I have my EzGro unit implementation up and running and planted with tomatoes, peppers, eggplant and leeks. I am very happy with the quad pots. My use of them is perhaps (more...)

I have attached two pictures of how we set up our system, opting to put it on our front deck rather than try to dig into the solid rock that surrounds our house. As you can (more...)

Hi, We hope you can use one of our photos! We’re planning to purchase a second EzGro this year and probably one or two pumps for easy watering. Maybe we’ll have (more...)

I’ve been using your system for the past year. It is great! I’m expanding to include different veges and have had great success with bok choi that is used in all (more...)

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