We bring the benefits of vertical container gardening to everyone, with complete kits that are simple to use. These EzGro vertical garden kits let you grow like a pro, almost anywhere, with less time, space and money.



100_1507 (Medium)

120911_002 100_0236 (Large) 100_0274 (Large) sugar stevia flowers 120822_006


With the recent price increases in food, especially fresh fruits and vegetables, there is a real challenge to feed a family with the 5-a-day produce and fruit menu. Fresh (more...)

Organic Farming vs Hydroponics

July 24, 2011 @ 7:03 pm
posted by EzGro Gardener

“Go organic” has become the battle-cry of thousands of Americans who assume that food items labeled “organic” is automatically a better, (more...)

Coco Coir

July 4, 2010 @ 8:10 pm
posted by EzGro Gardener

Coco coir is a relatively new growing medium available these days for the hydroponics soil less culture. Coco coir is being produced as a bi-product of the coconut tree. (more...)

In aggregate hydroponic systems, a solid, inert medium provides support for the plants. As in liquid systems, the nutrientIs a chemical that an organism needs to live and (more...)

In Victorian times, houses were very narrow, multi-storied, and had a small “footprint” on the land. This left more land for private gardening, and commons, (more...)


@ 3:00 pm
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Perlite is an amorphousIs a solid in which there is no long-range order of the positions of the atoms. volcanic glass that has a relatively high water content, typically (more...)